Event Correlation Engine


My master's thesis on real-time correlation of events from hosts in a global network.

Yagi-Uda Antenna


Creation of a directional wireless LAN antenna.

DAB Software Receiver


Semester thesis on creating a DAB software receiver for GNU Radio.


[2007, German]

Building a binary LED clock with an Atmel MCU. This documents also discuss electronics basics.

Privacy - The Right to be Left Alone

[2006, German]

About data gathering by organisations and the government in Switzerland.

Formulary for Ham Radio

[2003, German]

Collection of formulas I wrote for the test to get my Ham license.



[2009, mostly German]

How to fix your electronic stuff when its broken.


[2009, German]

About electronic passports and attacks against them.

Cheating Time


On the construction of a DCF77 transmitter to spoof the time signal.