This section provides some schematics for electronics projects. As I currently enjoy creating software more, this is mostly older stuff.

AVR MCU Projects

These projects date from around 2005 and except for the geekclock, I no longer maintain them. The schematics were all drawn using Eagle (which is free as in beer, but not as in speech).


A simple binary LED clock. I used this project in various workshops as an introduction to electronics and microcontrollers. The project files come with an extensive building instruction (in German), which also explains some electronics basics.

Universal USB Interface

This project uses the FTDI 232 chip to provide a USB interface to an ATMega32 MCU. I used this to replace the parallel port as a generic interface to some other projects, such as a smartcard interface, an EEPROM reader/writer, a temperature sensor or a random number generator. The ATMega32 provides 24 digital, bilinear ports (8 of which can alternatively be used as analog inputs), which can all be controlled from the host.

LED Flashlight

Rechargeable flashlight with 15 LEDs.

Alarm Clock

An alarm clock, that displays the time in decimal and binary, uses DCF77 for time synchronisation and has some other nice features. It's made of a lot of very basic ICs (of course it would be easier to just use one microcontroller, but at the time I thought this is more fun).